How to get a passport fast

Applying for a U.S Passport can be a tedious and lengthy process. You need to submit an application, evidence of U.S Citizenship, Identification, a Passport photo, as well as pay a fee.

Regular processing time for a U.S Passport is approximately 4-6 weeks. However if you have a flight coming up and 4-6 weeks is too long for your Passport to arrive, there are several options that allow you to get your Passport much faster.

Expedited service

If 4-6 weeks is too long of a period for you to wait to get your U.S Passport, than you can opt to apply for expedited service. With expedited service you will get your Passport within 2-3 weeks. There is a $60 additional fee for this service. The U.S Department of State strongly suggests that you opt for two-way overnight delivery service and mark the envelope you are mailing your application in with the word Expedite.

It is also strongly recommended that you send the application using a traceable delivery method. USPS Priority and Express mail are recommended as they are faster methods than USPS Certified or Registered mail.

Getting a Passport in less than 2 weeks

If you are traveling internationally in less than 2 weeks you can schedule an appointment at a regional Passport agency. You can make an appointment 24 hours a day by calling the U.S Passport Automated Appointment system at 877-487-2778. You will need to provide proof of travel, and most regional Passport offices require that you provide proof via hard copy, and not by presenting the representative with your cell phone, or tablet and showing them your email with proof of your travel plans.

In Colorado, Minneapolis, or Vermont you do not need proof of travel to get an appointment to apply for a Passport in less than two weeks. You will be required to pay the $60 expedited service fee, but not an additional fee for an in person appointment.

Even Faster Service

A Regional Passport office may not be close to where you live and you might not want to drive for several hours just to get a Passport, or perhaps you need your U.S Passport faster than two weeks. In these cases there are several companies that offer expedited service that can help you get your Passport in as little as 24 hours.

There are additional fees for this service but if you need your Passport quickly, these services can be very helpful. Expedited providers offer various options. You can choose to get your Passport in 11 business days, or as little as same day. The faster the service the more you will pay. Make sure to do your research online, and find a reputable company that you can work with.

Planning Ahead

Knowing the process for the application of the U.S Passport is very important. One never knows when they might have an unexpected need for travel, and planning in advance is a good idea. If you currently don’t have a Passport, applying for one through the standard process will save you money.

Having to worry about a Passport when you need to travel can be very unnerving. If you have travel coming up, you can use one of the expedited services, and even if you don’t, its wise to apply for a U.S Passport.

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